Dr. Candice Matthews

Statewide Vice Chair, Executive Director at the Children of Diversity Foster Adoption Agency

About Me

Dr. Candice Matthews has been a pillar of the community for many years, with her work in the field of child welfare and adoption being particularly noteworthy. She has been awarded numerous honors and accolades for her tireless work in helping children find homes, including an honorary doctorate from Leaders Esteemed Bible University in 2021 and being named President of Board Regis in 2022. Dr. Matthews is highly respected and is known for her dedication to providing loving homes for all children in need. She is responsible for establishing, creating, and implementing strategic business plans for the organization in Houston, Texas.

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Investing in Community
March 7, 2023

Investing in Community-Led Health

Health systems have an array of assets land,¬†financial capital and expertise that can be put to work to address social determinants of health. Investing in community-led health can be a significant part of hospitals’ efforts to contain health costs while improving patient outcomes. But it also requires an in-depth understanding of the challenges and a […]

February 2, 2023

How Can You Volunteer Without Joining a Program?

If you want to give back but don’t need to join a program, there are still plenty of volunteering opportunities. Volunteering can help you build valuable skills and positively impact the world. Volunteering is a great way to connect with your community and improve your health. It also helps combat depression and stress and keeps […]

Improve Funder Practice
January 26, 2023

Using Knowledge to Improve Funder Practice

The TEFN, the Transforming Evidence Funders Network, is a new alliance between evidence funders dedicated to improving the quality of the evidence we fund. It has three primary goals: Improve the transparency of funder practices. Strengthen the science behind funder decisions. Create new, unbiased funding sources for innovative and scalable research and development. These goals […]

Dr Candice Matthews
January 18, 2023

Why is it Important to Join Your Local Town Hall Meeting?

When you join your local town hall meeting, you will be able to discuss many issues with other members of the community. This will help you to get ideas on how to improve your business. During this meeting, you will also meet others with the same interests and goals as you. Make your employees feel […]

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