5 Reasons To Consider Foster Parenting, Exec Director Children of Diversity Foster Adoption Agency, Dr. Candice Matthews

Dr. Candice Matthews

October 30, 2021

Dr. Candice Matthews, the Executive Director For Children of Diversity Foster Adoption Agency Shares Five Reasons To Consider Foster Parenting

How Fostering Can Make A Difference In The Life of a Child, With Dr. Candice Matthews

You know that your family has plenty of love to give, and you want to make a difference in your community. Becoming a foster family is a big decision, and it can have a major positive effect on everyone involved. Here, Dr. Candice Matthews, executive director for Children of Diversity Foster Adoption Agency, shares five ways that foster parenting can create a positive impact.

1. Grow your family.
Some foster care placements are temporary, while others result in families adopting their foster children. No matter how much time you have with the children you foster, you and your family will develop a bond with your foster kiddos, according to Dr. Candice Matthews. Often, foster agencies work to place siblings in the same foster home, so you may be able to enjoy blending your family with a set of siblings.

2. Expand your perspective.
When you welcome a foster child or foster children into your family, you’ll get to see the world through their eyes, according to Dr. Candice Matthews. Foster children often come from difficult situations, and working with your foster children may be the first time you’re exposed to the harsh realities of growing up for many underserved children. Some foster parents are open to providing a home for children from any situation, while others work specifically with adolescents or medically fragile children. If you feel called to serve a certain group of children, be sure to talk with your local foster agency about how you want to help.

3. Continue parenting.
If your children have grown up and left the nest and you feel that you have more to give as a parent, working with foster children can be a perfect way to continue raising children. Whether your foster children are with you temporarily or they become a permanent part of your family, you’ll get to make a positive impact on a child with your well-honed parenting skills. Your adult children can also play a special role in welcoming foster children into your family, according to Dr. Matthews.

4. You can help a child feel safe, according to Dr. Candice Matthews.
Children in the foster care system are there because their previous home was not an acceptable environment for a child. Children who are in the foster system are managing trauma and need the consistent, safe support of a foster parent. When you choose to welcome a foster child into your home, you aren’t just giving them a place to stay — you’re providing a safe haven in which they can heal. Your foster agency will work with you to teach you trauma-informed skills that won’t just benefit your foster child — your new skills will benefit all of your interpersonal relationships.

5. Change the course of a child’s life.
The biggest reason to become a foster parent: you get to make a positive difference in the life of a child. Foster children will look to you to guide them through tough situations and provide them with the support they need to thrive in their environment. You get to show your foster children that they can depend on you, that selfless love exists, and that there are good people in the world who are rooting for their success. Your foster child will know that they have you in their corner, and you’ll get to watch their confidence soar as they benefit from the love and comfort that you and your family provide.

If you feel like foster parenting is a good fit for your family, reach out to your local foster agency. There are children waiting for a home, and they’ll be able to help you provide a home for a child in need.