School fight at Atascocita H.S. ends with parent facing gun charges; Community activists call for Humble ISD leaders to resign

Dr. Candice Matthews

June 5, 2023

HUMBLE – Community leaders are calling for the superintendent of Humble ISD and the principal at Atascocita High School to resign after a fight broke out between parents and students.

The district says the fight happened at the end of the day on Friday and continued outside in the circle drive in front of the school.

“And what happened does not reflect the standards of the school or the standards that are community expects. Unfortunately, a few people made some bad choices,” Jamie Mount, Chief Communications Officer for Humble ISD said.

One parent wasn’t surprised to hear about another fight that happened at the school and says the district needs to be more transparent when it comes to informing the community about incidents especially when they involve weapons.

Police say an adult who got involved in the fight had a gun and is now charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon. A second adult was cited for disorderly conduct.

“This district must do more to protect the students,” Quanell X said.

The district says two juveniles face assault with a bodily injury charge, one juvenile is charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon. Three juveniles were cited for disorderly conduct and fighting. One juvenile faces assault on a public servant.

“This could have been perhaps the most tragic situation that’s Houston’s ever seen involving conflict at school campus when parents are bringing guns on school campus and students too to deal with a conflict that’s between kids,” Quanell X said.

Local activist Quanell X and Dr. Candice Matthews says the district failed to provide all the details when the fight first happened on the 27th. Two day later, the district released a second statement that said a parent entered the building unauthorized.

“This parent was able to get into the school with no problems so therefore drugs can get into the school with no problem,” Dr. Matthews said.

Tracy Shannon lives in the district and says she is concerned.

“They need to increase security in the schools. I think they need to start hearing some ideas from the residents about how to secure the schools better and make them safer for students. That goes for people inside the school and outside the school who might want to do harm,” Shannon said.

The district says the investigation is ongoing and charges could be upgraded. Jamie Mount is the Chief Communications Officer and says the fight could have been prevented.

“We have an anonymous app where people can submit tips anonymously. We have police and administrators who prevent fights. It’s really important that if you know a fight is going to occur to tell an adult at the school that day no one told anyone at the school,” she said.

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