What Does the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Do?

Dr. Candice Matthews

July 18, 2022

What Does the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Do?

In response to racial injustice, Michael Jackson joined the Rainbow PUSH coalition to fight discrimination against minorities. As the founder of the group, Jackson pledged to pay for the woman’s college education regardless of the outcome of her rape case. But what exactly does the Rainbow PUSH coalition do? Read on to learn more about these three organizations and their impact on the lives of many minorities.

Operation PUSH

The Rainbow/PUSH coalition was a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that merged with Operation PUSH and the National Rainbow Coalition to pursue political activism, social justice, and civil rights. The group’s mission is to empower communities by organizing and advocating for change. To further these goals, it aims to improve people’s lives of all backgrounds. To that end, the coalition has several goals, including increasing awareness of social injustice, advocating for change, and promoting economic justice.

The founding members of Operation PUSH and the Rainbow Coalition met at the PUSH headquarters in the Bronzeville neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. They merged their efforts to advocate for U.S. civil and international human rights. The PUSH headquarters has served as a labor mediation and voter registration center for years. Richard Wright, who had previously served as a shadow U.S. senator, also used the building as a base for his political campaign for mayor of Chicago.

Jesse Jackson

During the 1970s, Jackson’s interest in race relations increased, joining the NAACP. There, he began a movement known as Operation PUSH. The name stands for People United to Serve and Save Humanity, and its goal was to improve the economic condition of Black Americans. In the early 1980s, he became a prominent political figure, running for President in 1984. The Rainbow/PUSH coalition continues to pursue its mission today.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition was founded by Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr., a prominent civil rights and religious figure. In addition to serving as President, Jackson played a pivotal role in various movements throughout his life. He has been dubbed the “Conscience of the Nation” and the “Great Unifier” for his work in bringing diverse groups together. In Fayetteville, he is promoting a campaign to register more young people and increase their voter registration.

Rainbow PUSH

The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition is an organization that began in Chicago in the 1980s. It was later merged with Operation PUSH and the National Rainbow Coalition. The nonprofit organization promotes social justice, civil rights, and political activism. Its mission statement is “We must be the change we wish to see.”

The organization is a progressive multi-issue membership group with offices around the world. Its founder, Rev. Jesse Jackson, founded the group 50 years ago. It was formerly known as the People United to Save Humanity, or PUSH, and has offices in Chicago and across the country. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition promotes progressive policies in many areas, including criminal justice, health care, and employment. In addition, the organization promotes the values of equality, democracy, and human rights.

Chester Davenport

The University of Georgia School of Law has named Chester C. Davenport, who passed away on Aug. 7, 2020, a member of the Rainbow Push Coalition. Davenport served as a member of the Arch Foundation and delivered the 97th Sibley Lecture. In addition, he helped found the Georgia Law Review and became a successful attorney, entrepreneur, and public servant. He also founded the Rainbow Push Coalition, a nonprofit organization to promote equality for all people, and served as a member of numerous boards.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is a non-partisan organization that promotes left-of-center causes. The coalition’s founder, Jesse Jackson, has ties to the Black Panther Party and helped organize the national Rainbow Conference and Operation PUSH. The organization is headquartered in Chicago, with additional offices in New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles. The group has promoted left-of-center policies in health care, employment, education, and criminal justice.

Pete Buttigieg

On June 15, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition held its 56th international convention in Chicago. The convention took place over two days, with events ranging from technology forums to a job fair on the South Side. It was attended by Reverend Jesse Jackson and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. First, Buttigieg, a Democrat, huddled in a private meeting with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, the organization’s founder. Later, he joined Jackson and other conference participants for breakfast.

Buttigieg and his supporters hope his speech will encourage voters to take note of his policies. However, his campaign has been dogged by controversy. In a CNN poll, Buttigieg was ranked 0% among black voters nationwide. Buttigieg stressed the importance of getting to know black voters because their support is critical to a Democratic victory. He has addressed these concerns by calling his agenda the “Douglass Plan.”

Jesse Jackson’s son Yusef Jackson

The national Rainbow PUSH coalition comprises members of the Black Panther Party, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Young Lords, and Puerto Rican immigrants. Founded in 1969, the coalition comprises more than 50 groups and individuals with ties to the black community. Its founder, Jesse Jackson, is the former President of the NAACP, and its chair, attorney Tricia “CK” Hoffler, was counsel to Jesse Jackson for over 30 years. Its secretary Jackson’s son, Yusef, is part of the coalition, as well.

Founder of Operation PUSH, Jesse left the SCLC and formed a nonprofit organization called Operation PUSH. It advocates self-help for African Americans and serves as Jackson’s political pulpit. In 1984, Jesse Jackson founded the National Rainbow Coalition, which advocated equal rights for African Americans, women, and homosexuals. This coalition merged with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition in 1996.